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Smoke Machines

In a perfect world, you would have every security product available protecting your property from burglars. Unfortunately, for most people, security is a compromise between cost and effectiveness. We understand and we strive to make our systems the most cost effective security available.

We Supply, Install and Maintain fog and smoke machines which are devices which emit a dense vapour that appears similar to fog or smoke.

At Ensign, we strongly believe that Fog/Smoke systems are one of the best deterants against burglars due to several factors:

-They Cannot be defeated with brute force
-It Stops any number of intruders
-Extremely low maintenance cost
-Completely safe to breathe, with no residue
-Easy to relocate

The above picture shows the smoke machine being activated(0 seconds) through to the room being filled in under 20 Seconds

If you have any enquirires about our Smoke/Fog systems, contact our sales department.

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